This year again, IVP successfully managed a wide range of qualitative projects within both the healthcare and the consumer industries. At each phase of every project, IVP showed its great experience with juggling between targets, background objectives and fieldwork goals.

Expertise in rare diseases

With many clients trusting our experience within the healthcare industry, we have been sought to work on rare diseases related projects on several occasions, with missions including the recruitment and moderation of interviews with healthcare professionals, associations and patients

A strong relationship with patients associations

We’ve worked together with several associations in order to get through to patients. Teaming up helped patients feel more comfortable and open to discussing their condition, leading to high quality interviews and content

New communication platforms explored

on top of IDIs, WATIs and FGs, we’ve conducted more and more video interviews with all sorts of respondents, including patients


our linguistic experience has helped us develop a new subtitling service for all video-recorded IDIs or FGs