Ahoj &

We offer quantitative and qualitative data collection

  • In the Czech Republic using our interviewer network (nationwide), moderators, studio (see virtual tour)

  • In central and eastern Europe using partners proved by long-term cooperation

  • Worldwide using IVP network

We are happy to offer modern studio near the city centre of Prague (7min by public transport)

  • Large discussion room (33m2)

  • Two observing rooms, one with large one-way mirror (5×2,5), possibility to host more that 10 observers

  • Worldwide using IVP network

  • Fully equipped kitchen/preparing room for preparing samples to sensory tests

  • Simultaneous translation (in observing room or separately)

  • Streaming (high speed guaranteed internet connection), digital recording in full HD

  • Variable/Adjustable shelf over 5,5m

  • High quality soundproof cabin for special test

  • Accessibility by all forms of public transport (underground, tram, bus) and by car

  • And many others

Our experienced staff can provide you with high quality Sniff Tests, Taste Tests, possibly included in Cooking Tests and other kinds of sensory tests. Strict rules and detailed technical and personal control on several levels ensures high quality and plausibility of these tests.

Mareco / Inter-View Partners

Na Žertvách 34
18000 Praha 8
Czech Republic

+420 2 440902-11

I wanted to take the time and thank you for all the fantastic work you did on this project. We were all thoroughly impressed with the speed and quality of your work.

I was confident you could pull this off, please send my gratitude to the whole team!

Thank you for completing all interviews and doing such a great job in moderating and implementing everything.

Also from me a big fat thank you! The content analysis which we received from you was excellent!

Thank you so much for the great work and support throughout the year as usual!

Thanks to the team for their usual great work on this study.

Well another very busy week done and a happy client today at the de-brief which makes it all worthwhile! Really appreciate all of yours and your team’s hard work on these very fast turnaround surveys.

Thanks again for all your hard work on this project, things always seem to run so smoothly when you are in charge!

I want to also thank you for your partnership on this project. You have been so helpful and our whole team really appreciated all the work you’ve put into the project. You’ve made Brazil the easiest market for us!

It was a great pleasure to work with you on this project. I will be happy to reach out to you again when another project comes up.

I appreciate all your help and the great job you did. It was a pleasure working with you.

I really appreciate your great communication on this project – I don’t think we would have done it if it wasn’t for your promptness and amazing cooperation.

Wow, those are awesome news, thanks for the great recruitment job you’ve done.

You (and your team) have really done a great job making complex fieldwork seamless and our clients have been very happy so far. Appreciate your support as I know you went above and beyond to ensure everything ran smoothly.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!